Katrina Mason

GradCert Grief, Loss & Trauma Counselling
Bachelor Social Science
 Registered Yoga Teacher - Yoga Alliance

After over 15+ years of working with trauma in the Not For Profit sector, I have had plenty of experience learning to manage the challenges of care giving and stress.  Exhausted and disheartened I began to search for the answers to the phenomenon of burnout personally and in the  human services industry. Contemporary neuroscience and biological research on the effects of mindfulness and yoga practices caught my attention, scientifically explaining the gains and losses I had made in the search for professional sustainability.


Motivated by my experiences and the support of science, I founded Being. Wellness & Mindful Innovation. Offering purposeful, realistic and efficient pathways to emotional well being and professional longevity.

Tamara Coughlan

Hollistic Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Bachelor Occupational Therapy

Registered Yoga Teacher - Yoga Alliance

With extensive experience as an Occupational Therapist working in the hospital system, Tamara has experienced firsthand the challenges of human service work.  Alongside this important role, Tamara also supports the community through psychotherapy,  yoga & meditation. Tamara’s passion is in the fusion of whole person care and facilitating the space for asking deeper questions and inner work exploration. Her approach and heart lies is the recognition that the human connection is essential in the therapeutic relationship. She deeply recognises the impacts of the qualities of presence, compassion and  awareness-based practices have on cultivating longevity, purpose and inspiration in how and what we do. 

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