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Sustainability in Human Services

​This program is specifically designed to build the physical, emotional, and mental foundations needed to avoid burnout and have longevity in roles that require emotional labour. 

  • All our workplace trainings are customised according to your needs.

  • These can range from 60 minute presentations to more popular full and half day trainings.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the unique challenges to professions that require emotional labour.

  • Develop awareness of Burnout, Vicarious Trauma and Secondary Traumatic Stress. 

  • Improve your ability to self-reflect on your service delivery and how to see your own warning signs.

  • Enhance your own natural emotional intelligence using research-based techniques of mindfulness and body awareness.

  • Implement practical self-care practices that will build professional resilience and sustainability.

  • Promote team connections and compassion for each other

Main Content

  • Exploration of emotional labour and the phenomenon of stress and exhaustion so common in the human the service industry.

  • What is Burnout, Vicarious Trauma and Secondary Traumatic Stress and what can we do about it.

  • Reflection exercise to build awareness of habitual responses

  • How mindfulness and body awareness can be used to promote professional sustainability.

  • Mindfulness and body awareness exercises (equipment provided up to 20 people)

  • The neuroscience of empathy and its alternatives.

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