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When working with vulnerable people practitioner mental wellness is a legal and financial necessity.

Professional human service is more then a career, it is a choice. That choice can often mean we are placed in situations which are, at best emotionally charged and at worst violent and dangerous. The complex ethical decisions we are asked to make can be a heavy burden.  In many cases talking about what we have seen and heard in our line of work only touches the surface and what we need in terms of professional self care and wellbeing.


Those who work in a professions which require emotional labour are routinely navigating the fine line between professionalism and vulnerability. The gift of authentic human connection requires a certain level of vulnerability. At the same time, we must maintain clear boundaries of professionalism to protect ourselves and those we serve.  This is not an easy task, particularly within the context of trauma.

Being. Wellness and Mindful Innovation offers a holistic approach to the specific challenges faced by practitioners who are submerged in the suffering of others daily. 


This support covers the gap between the generalist services of large Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and other practice supervision options.

These conversations offer a private and safe space for you to air your vulnerability about the challenges of this work. Develop a unique understanding of the impact this has had on you physically, mentally and emotionally. Drawing on the science of mindfulness and yoga you can then build an authentic and sustainable self-care plan that works for you.

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