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Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation

(Offered in Collaboration with mindfulness Works Australia)

Full 4 Week Course:  

Give yourself the full experience of a four-week course, rather than just an introductory workshop. A four-week course allows you to practise between classes, giving you the opportunity to experience the benefits of mindfulness for yourself in a real way.

NO RISK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:  If you attend all the classes (complete the course) and don’t feel you have received any benefit, you are entitled to a full 100% money back refund. You still get to keep all the course materials, downloadable guided meditations, workbook and app.

Exclusive 45-page Guidebook:

Our exclusive professionally designed Mindfulness Works 45-page guidebook is for you to keep. This includes weekly assignments, lots of articles and a reading list.

Free 4 Week Gift Subscription to the Calm Mindfulness App:  

All participants on courses  receive a free 4 week gift subscription to the full version of the award-winning Calm Mindfulness and Meditation App. PLUS get a 25% off the price of a 12 month subscription to Calm premium.

OVER 15 GUIDED MINDFULNESS MEDITATIONS – FOR YOU TO KEEP:  You receive a selection of over 15 guided mindfulness meditations to download/stream. Yours to keep even after the course finishes.

Free 4 Week

No Religion. No Dogma. No Funny Positions: 

This course is practical and fun with no religious elements at all. The language used is clear and modern. We sit in chairs.

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