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Katrina Mason

Katrina is the founder of Being. Wellness and Mindful Innovation. After over 15 years of working with trauma in the Not For Profit sector locally and internationally, Katrina has had plenty of experience learning to manage the challenges of empathetic roles and stress. Deeply dedicated to being of service but exhausted and disheartened she began to study mindfulness, meditation and yoga as a parallel practice to her professional roles. Contemporary neuroscience and biological research on the effects of these practices scientifically explains the gains she had made personally and professionally.

Motivated the research and her own experiences she founded Being. Wellness & Mindful Innovations. Offering purposeful, holistic and efficient pathways to emotional wellbeing for professions that require hope in the face of hopelessness.

Keynote speaking on a range of topics to promote wellbeing amongst your people and workplace is available for your organisation or event. If you do not see the topic you are looking for in the list below, but you have something specific in mind please open the conversation with me.

  • Practice Sustainability when working with trauma

  • Moving through Empathy to Compassion in Professional Practice

  • Professional Resilience is not about Endurance

  • Preventing Burnout and Promoting Connection

  • What do people keep telling me to try Yoga and Mindfulness?

  • Stress Less – A holistic Approach